Player's Gold Dark Special

Starting off at this dark rum, a relatively cheap one at it.
It's been a bit tough finding some info on this rum, and the bottle doesn't have much information on it either. Other then having 37.5% alcohol in it, and having some caribbean origin.

Now for the actuall stuff itself. Its a gold collored liquid, and smells a bit less sweet then a bacardi dark rum ( just to compair the two). Mostly because it has a bit less odor, so you smell the alcohol itself better.
The taste, well the obvious dark rum-ish, but it tends a bit more to the bitter end with a strong aftertaste thats actually stronger then when you take the first sip.
Mixed with something else, it turns milder very quickly but still keeps up with a strong rum taste.
Personally i think its not as smooth as other dark rums i have had, but this will ofcourse only be relevant if you drink it pure or in stronger mixes. Which isn't too bad since its a fairly cheap rum, costing around 14 euro for a 100CL bottle.

Since the rum isn't that expensive, its a good base for mix drinks where the rum content isn't too high, but for pure, or drinks with higher rum contents, i would go for a smoother, often higher priced rum. But for the price it's at, its a good deal.
Its not too bad for drinking pure, but will be a bit better in cocktails due the rather heavy taste attack.

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