The Brain Hemorrhage

For Halloween it's obviously nice to have some horrible looking shots in store. One of the most popular ones is the brain hemorrhage.
This horrible looking shot is quite easy to make and you only need 3 ingredients, beeing:

- 1 Part Peach Schnapps
1 Part Bailey's Irish Cream
- Few drops Grenadine

Now what you do is, put the Peach Schnapps in first. After that, poor the bailey's in but don't try to layer it. Just poor it in so it creates the little brainstructures you're looking for.
When that's done add some grenadine to add the bloody effect. As usual with shots, down the glass in one go (so don't created volumes larger then 2 ounces, they are hard to drink in one go).

Video of the process: Right Here.

1822 Morin Liqueur De Banane

From out of nowhere, a banana flavoured liqueur!
Besides finding the bottle in a liquorstore, there seems to be no information about this brand on the internet. Besides some obscure site i can't read.

Starting off, this yellow light gold-ish looking liquor contains 20% alcohol (40 proof).
The bottle design is exactly the same as the mandarin flavoured version shown here.
The liquid smells, obviously, like banana. Much sweeter and stronger then a regular banana, but not as fake as banana candy.

The taste however, is balanced around sweetness. Less banana then you get at first in the smell, and more sugary sweetness. Including the more bittersweet aftertaste like most sweet liqueurs.
Besides a tiny little numbing on the very tip of the tongue there isn't much alcohol scent going on. But the drink is very flavour potent, in a way that if you overdo it, you'll get enough of it very fast. Yet again, just like sweet candy.

When mixing in cocktails, besides making the drink a bit sweeter, you will get a banana hint going on, surprizingly not overwhelming the drink.

All in all, a nice sweet lower end french banana liqueur, around €6,- for a 35CL bottle.

If anyone has a site or other information about this brand in general, feel free to comment me on it, that would be much appreciated.