Yes, months have passed *again* without a update. And i think it's time to write down the reason for the lack of them.

And it's quite simple actually.
Once in a while, i get a comment or a mail asking for specific details about different spirits. If i know the answer, i'll answer right away, but usually i don't.
In that case i'll have to resort to emailing the company behind the spirit, and that's where things have been going wrong.
While i did make a mistake in the beginning by requesting a sample or two when the blog didn't get any visitors at all, in those cases a lack of respons is quite normal. Personally i would give at least a respons and just deny the request due lack of blog visitors, but hey, thats me.

Parrot Bay Coconut

Captain Morgan Parrot Bay coconut flavoured liqueur. Quite a mouthful.
While the bottle in front of me looks a bit different then the one the left (see bottem picture), the caribbean rum based spirit inside should be about the same.
Where the bottle in the left is 24% alcohol (48 proof) the one in front is me is 20% (40 proof). And it has to be said, i do like the bottle design, especially with the beach concept printed on the inside of the sticker on the back.

Happy New Year!

Have a great one!

And i'm back from a vacation, so there should be updates again soon....altho i've said that before, but this time it should be true, good intentions for the new year!

Yes, it finally happend, i have now linked the domain to this blog. So you can directly go to aswel, besides the adress(it will only redirect so you won't actually notice much). One step in the right direction, now to get started with reviewing again.

*Drum rolls*

Yes, updates will be incomming soon again. "Things" are getting back on track, so be warned for new posts!

Carolan's Irish Cream

A luscious blend of Irish Cream, honey and mellow irish spirits, is what this 17% alcohol (34 proof) containing bottle is telling me.

And this seems rather true. The typical coloured irish cream smells like one would expect from a irish cream, but with a sweet hint of honey.

Tastewise, it's basicly the same story. It's nice and creamy, and leaves just a slight hint of a alcohol burn on the tongue, and almost no burn down the throat.
Besides that, the overall taste is like a mix between very creamy and milky coffee, and a more darker chocolate. With honey in the mix.

Gorter Estaro Dark Rum

To clear some confusion, the bottle i have in my hands is the Gorter Estaro White Label Dark rum.
Label looks different then the picture shown, but i've seen both in the shop. Something with new designes etc.

But on topic: a dark rum that hints towards the golden colours.
The sense is rather light, and if i didn't know this was a dark rum, i would have guessed a light/blanco rum. Just because it has a more light and fresh feel to it. Maybe even a tiny hint of citrus, but no woody or smokey factors.
You do get a bit of alcohol, but nothing strange. The alcohol content is standard, 37.5% (75 proof).