Merry Christmas!

For the people that happen to wander onto my blog, have a merry christmas!

Bellini #2

Because people always tend to have spare Champagne, here yet another simple cocktail to give it a little twist.

- 1 Ounce of Peach Schnapps
- Fill with Champagne or sparkling wine

Nothing hard about this cocktail, besides controlling yourself not to drink too many. Serve in a Champagne glass, and adjust the amount of Schnapps to your own liking.

Champagne Royal

A very easy Champagne drink for the holidays (or whenever you feel like drinking one really).

- 1 Part raspberry liqueur
- 2 Parts Champagne, or sparkling wine

Serve in a Champagne glass, and if the carbonation of the Champagne doesn't do the trick, give it a little stir.

Comment Problems

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Other news, because some health issues ( nothing problematic, just alcohol and medicine don't mix) there where no updates for a bit. Hopefully this will stay this way so i can get back to work again.
So if people have suggestions, cocktails, drinks, holiday related things they would like to see here, just comment, or if that does not work, yet again, mail to

Thank you for the possible effort and have fun during the holidays!

The Selena Jo

A really easy cocktail, with no real known/important history.

The drink itself should look just like the cubra libre in the picture.


- One part Spiced Rum
- One part Amaretto
- Fill up with cola

Just fill a glass with ice and add the ingredients, and stir it around a bit. Do not, repeat, not shake the drink. Carbonized ingredients and shaking don't mix well.