Comment Problems

Due some error in the code, there might have been some issues regarding posting comments. The captcha wouldn't come with a scroll bar so it would be impossible to fill out.
I'm working on a fix, but untill then, it seems if people are logged in, in a google account, there is no need to fill in a captcha and all goes well.

If there still are issues regarding comments, please leave me a mail using the contact button or direct to Feel free to post a comment under this post just to test if it works.

Other news, because some health issues ( nothing problematic, just alcohol and medicine don't mix) there where no updates for a bit. Hopefully this will stay this way so i can get back to work again.
So if people have suggestions, cocktails, drinks, holiday related things they would like to see here, just comment, or if that does not work, yet again, mail to

Thank you for the possible effort and have fun during the holidays!

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