Gorter Estaro Dark Rum

To clear some confusion, the bottle i have in my hands is the Gorter Estaro White Label Dark rum.
Label looks different then the picture shown, but i've seen both in the shop. Something with new designes etc.

But on topic: a dark rum that hints towards the golden colours.
The sense is rather light, and if i didn't know this was a dark rum, i would have guessed a light/blanco rum. Just because it has a more light and fresh feel to it. Maybe even a tiny hint of citrus, but no woody or smokey factors.
You do get a bit of alcohol, but nothing strange. The alcohol content is standard, 37.5% (75 proof).

Absenthe 55%

A 55% (110 proof) absinthe from France. And that is where my struggle starts.
There seem to be two versions that look very very similar, and i have a little sample bottle, written in French. And i don't speak a word French.

But, seeing as the two versions are a American version, and a European version. Seeing as this thing is written in French and i clearly bought it in Europe, i am going to assume i have that version...

Bacardi Gold

Everyone knows Bacardi, and everyone can get Bacardi, making it one of the biggest rum brands around.

This particular gold (can be called oro aswel) is priced a little above the average rum i usually encounter, with around €17,- for a 70CL bottle. As usual, this rum sports a 37.5% alcohol (75 proof).

The colour, is obviously, a amber or rich gold.
When taking the first *sniff*, you will get some ethanol properties, but that soon makes place for a pleasant vanilla with some hints of sweet oak.


Slight delay in my reviewing plans, it got ruined by a simple....cold.
However there is allot more to write about then just reviews, i'm far from done!