Yes, months have passed *again* without a update. And i think it's time to write down the reason for the lack of them.

And it's quite simple actually.
Once in a while, i get a comment or a mail asking for specific details about different spirits. If i know the answer, i'll answer right away, but usually i don't.
In that case i'll have to resort to emailing the company behind the spirit, and that's where things have been going wrong.
While i did make a mistake in the beginning by requesting a sample or two when the blog didn't get any visitors at all, in those cases a lack of respons is quite normal. Personally i would give at least a respons and just deny the request due lack of blog visitors, but hey, thats me.

Parrot Bay Coconut

Captain Morgan Parrot Bay coconut flavoured liqueur. Quite a mouthful.
While the bottle in front of me looks a bit different then the one the left (see bottem picture), the caribbean rum based spirit inside should be about the same.
Where the bottle in the left is 24% alcohol (48 proof) the one in front is me is 20% (40 proof). And it has to be said, i do like the bottle design, especially with the beach concept printed on the inside of the sticker on the back.

Happy New Year!

Have a great one!

And i'm back from a vacation, so there should be updates again soon....altho i've said that before, but this time it should be true, good intentions for the new year!