Yes, months have passed *again* without a update. And i think it's time to write down the reason for the lack of them.

And it's quite simple actually.
Once in a while, i get a comment or a mail asking for specific details about different spirits. If i know the answer, i'll answer right away, but usually i don't.
In that case i'll have to resort to emailing the company behind the spirit, and that's where things have been going wrong.
While i did make a mistake in the beginning by requesting a sample or two when the blog didn't get any visitors at all, in those cases a lack of respons is quite normal. Personally i would give at least a respons and just deny the request due lack of blog visitors, but hey, thats me.

Unfortunally tho, almost all my emails requesting for information about spirits, or even more often: how and/or where to get certain spirits aren't getting answered either.
Free advertising in most cases, but yet i don't get any sort of reaction back. And then i'm stuck with telling the people i've told to do my best, that i didn't have any succes. That the company behind the spirit they seek doesn't seem to care, and they will just have to try something else.

And that gets quite demotivating after a while.
People read my posts, actually email me for answers, yet the companies do not seem to be interrested in a non profit generating email.
And i'm sure this will be totally different if the blog/website the email is comming from has tons and tons of visitors and generates far more interest and therefor money, the actual non-profitable people trying to just write honest reviews are left standing in the dark. Maybe they get overloaded with questions? Let's just hope that's the case and they actually do care about the customers that have a few questions.

On the bright side though, i still have quite a collection to review. Most bought by myself, some leftovers from a friend. Due the lack of motivation to actually write those down, they have been piling up. But the site has far from beeing abandoned, and when motivation returns........

Untill the next update!,


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