Bacardi Gold

Everyone knows Bacardi, and everyone can get Bacardi, making it one of the biggest rum brands around.

This particular gold (can be called oro aswel) is priced a little above the average rum i usually encounter, with around €17,- for a 70CL bottle. As usual, this rum sports a 37.5% alcohol (75 proof).

The colour, is obviously, a amber or rich gold.
When taking the first *sniff*, you will get some ethanol properties, but that soon makes place for a pleasant vanilla with some hints of sweet oak.

The taste itself is less refined. In fact it hints rather strongly towards the bitter rather then the sweet smell you get from smelling the drink.
The taste itself is rather mild, where especially the aftertaste reveals some oaky characteristics. The rum taste itself hangs, just like the colour, a bit between a blanco and a dark rum.
A bit more refined and mild then a blanco, but a bit less taste then a dark rum.

When mixed this rum is more in it's element. The more harsh flavours when drinking pure disappear, and you will actually get more flavours out of it. Even the vanilla from the smells pops up once in a while. Not much, but it's there. Same goes for the oaky flavours that are balanced more towards the sweet this way.

Overall, i'd say this is just for mixing your average drink, that requires a coloured rum. It will give a bit more complexity then cheaper brands, but the main taste hints really towards the sweet. Like if they dropped some caramel in the bottle to acquire the colour and taste.
Outstanding? No, but certainly not bad either.

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