Gorter Estaro Dark Rum

To clear some confusion, the bottle i have in my hands is the Gorter Estaro White Label Dark rum.
Label looks different then the picture shown, but i've seen both in the shop. Something with new designes etc.

But on topic: a dark rum that hints towards the golden colours.
The sense is rather light, and if i didn't know this was a dark rum, i would have guessed a light/blanco rum. Just because it has a more light and fresh feel to it. Maybe even a tiny hint of citrus, but no woody or smokey factors.
You do get a bit of alcohol, but nothing strange. The alcohol content is standard, 37.5% (75 proof).

When drinking, you do get a feel for the alcoholcontent. Not taste wise, but more because you can taste/smell it when it evaporates inside your mouth. It leaves a little but of a numbing sensation on the tongue, and a soft warm burn further down the throat.
The taste itself is rather mild, and has a hint of sweet wood. No strong oaky things, but a sweet and subtile wood.

But with a price just above the €10,- mark, don't expect allot of subtile taste profiles. But for this price it does deliver a nice smooth "dark"rum, that doesn't have the sugary sweet taste allot of golden rums with these colours have.
Best in his element while mixed, and it does right what you would expect. Adds some round softer dark rum properties to the drink.

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