77.7 Absinthe

A brand without allot of info, my favorite.
This is one of the 2 absinthe products this brand has. One beeing the 55.5, and the other, the one i am dealing with today, 77.7.

Like the name maybe already suggested, this version is rocking a 77.7% alcohol ( 155.4 proof). And while the bottle has a serving tip of drinking it pure on the rocks, that might be a little potent for some of us.
Because this is a rather low end absinthe, it isn't as *real* as the more expensive brands, and therefor made with artificial flavors, and colors.

The fluid itself isn't as bright green as the picture might suggest, more a mix between green yellow and gold. The odor if this absinthe is a really strong one. Black liquorice and a little bit of anise almost punch you in the face. A really strong smell that leaves no room for anything else, including alcohol. Diving in the glass nosedeep will reveal some ethanol, but not much.

This absinthe does in fact louche when mixed with water (see this article, and this follow up for more info) and becomes cloudy white.
When drinking pure, the massive amount of alcohol will immediately attack your tongue, and it will begin to tickle and numb right away. At first you will get the minty anis on the tip of your tongue, and that will go into a heavy black liquorice aftertase on the back end of the tongue. And a rather bitter aftertase.

When drinking it the *casual* way, louched, the drink itself feels very watery unfortunally, but theres nothing we can do about that. The flavors are allot less intense that way, and you get a more balanced mix between anis, black liquorice, and bitterness (like the wormwood would be). Although the bitternis might win, especially in the aftertaste. Where the taste becomes the strongest.

When mixing this into a cocktail, it will overpower the cocktail really fast, so use low amounts, unless you want to drink absinthe with a different color. When used, this 77.7 will bring some black liquorice and anise to the cocktail, in that order. While louched it seems the other way around.

Final verdict, due the prize (around €15,- for this 50CL bottle) and more simplistic tasteprofile, i would think this is more suitable for the shock and awe-factor it can bring. Beeing a absinthe(altho fake, we will just keep calling it this way), having that much alcohol, and the cool louche effect, this can be a nice partytrick to bring.
But for more subtile and complex tasteprofiles, this isn't the thing to get. Seeing the tricks it has, makes me think it was made for the shock and awe factor and not so much for the drinking experience itself, therefor, nice for a partytrick, skip if you're after more serious flavorprofiling.

Link to the destilling company: here! (note, it's German)

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  • Jason Says:

    Besides the distilling company's website, is there any other place I can order a bottle of the 55.5? (I have fond memories of drinking it in Germany and haven't been able to find it anywhere.)