Disaronno Originale

Now who doesn't know this famous brand, or atleast, recognize the distinctive bottle it's shipped in.
The story behind this brand and it's amaretto is one with a long history, according to their website it has been around since 1525. The liqueur itself is a almond tasting liqueur, that actually does not contain almonds, or other nut based ingredients.
But it contains apricot kernel oil, alcohol (28% or 56 proof), sugar, and a few herbs.

The fluid itself is obviously a classy amber colour as you can see in the picture. The smell is a really sweet almond, almost almond spice odor, wich masks the alcohol really well. You have to dig really deep to actually smell the alcohol.

The same thing goes for the taste. It is yet again really sweet, a little bit bitter sweet, and hints at the almond spice again. But with a little bit of added alcohol. Nothing extreme, and in the taste, you won't really notice it that much, especially when chilled. The most notable about the alcohol is a small burn it leaves in the throat and to the sides of the tip of the tongue.

Like most liqueurs it's actually very good used as a mix for cocktails, and gives the drink a warm almond, nutty feeling.
So all in all a well rounded liqueur that has earned it's name in my book.

More info about the brand and history on the Disaronno website.

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  • Rafael Says:

    Estimados señores, tengo una botella de DISARONNO ORIGINALE, me dicen que tiene aproximadamente 30 años de embasado. ¿se puede tomar aún?, mil gracias
    Rafael Núñez L