The Cuba Libre

This is possibly one of the easiest cocktails you can make. Therefor, there obviously are tons and tons of other names for this drink. Use a specific brand, and the drink probably has another name just like that.


- 2 parts rum
- Fill with Cola
- Add a bit of limejuice and/or a limewedge

Since the ingredients are so simple, shaking isn't really needed. Just a bit of stirring should do the trick after you have poured all the ingredients over ice.

1 Response to "The Cuba Libre"

  • EngeHenk Says:

    In the Netherlands, there is a even more simple variation called the baco, same thing, just use specificly bacardi, and top with cola (More countries use this phrase, but it seems to be more common in the Netherlands). Personally i think the added lime in the cubra libre gives the drink so much more taste. Just buy some limes and throw them in there. It's easy, doesn't cost much, but gives you a totally new dimension in the drink.