The Margarita

A very common cocktail this time, the margarita.
There are so many rumours about who supposed to have created the margarita, that noone really knows for sure who it was. It was probably around 1930/1940 in the southern region in the U.S., or Mexico.

What is know is that it's a very popular, and easy cocktail to make. And when things are popular, recipes tend to change, or vary allot. And there will be tons of (colour)variations on the original with different names to choose from aswel.

The basic ingredients:

- 2 parts tequila (please, use real 100% agave tequila and no obscure mixto brands).
- 1 part triple sec, or any variation on the triple sec (cointreau, Grand Marnier).
- 1 part fresh squized lime juice.

Shaken, and served in either a rocksglass or a cocktailglass over ice. Rimmed with salt, and garnished with a lime weel if you want to be really fancy.

As usual, the ratio's greatly differ, the standard IBA list of cocktails state a 7 parts tequila, 4 parts triple sec and 3 parts lime juice. But the one stated above is far more easy to do at home. But toy around with the ratio's you personally prefer.

And as a final note, the cocktail gets as good as the ingredients you use to make it. So trying to blend in a mixto for a tequila will affect the taste of the drink dramaticly. Same goes for the triple sec, and basicly everything you use in a cocktail, given there is enough in the drink to make it noticable.

Don't agree with the above? Other things to share about the margarita? I've changed the commenters options, so everyone should be able to comment, no sign in required anymore.

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