The Daiquiri

As promised to someone, time for a cocktail recipe!
To be more precise, the daiquiri.

The basic *design* of this cocktail goes way back to the 18th century when sailors mixed rum with the same style of additives as when the daquiri was defined with that specific name in 1905, in, you could have guessed it, a town called Daiquirí, in Cuba.

While in that specific daiquiri they used Bacardi white rum, every white rum should work just fine. Other then the basic recipe, there are tons of variations to be found.

The basic ingredients are:

- 8 to 9 parts white rum.
- 2 to 4 parts lime juice.
- 1 part simple syrup (water and sugar mixed into a 1 to 1 ratio).

This cocktail is now shaken (the original was stirred), and served without ice, in a cocktail glass

The ratio's differ allot, and the ingredients are so simple, that it wouldn't do much harm to change the ratio's around a bit. For example, if you're a huge rum lover.

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