Bailey's Irish Cream Mint Chocolate

Everyone know's Bailey's by now. If not, shame on you.
This time i've put my hands on the mint chocolate version if this liqueur. So to see the original Bailey's review click here, since this version is just a slight variation on the original.

So all the basic features are exactly the same, 17% alcohol (34 proof), the same colour, and the smell is almost the same aswel. The bottle says; with a hint of mint and chocolate, and thats exactly as it is. Nothing overwhelming, just bailey's with a tiny little hint of mint, and a bit more prominent dark chocolate.
For Bailey's fans, this should be a no-brainer, since the original has chocolate in it's tasteprofile aswel. This time it's just a bit more prominent, and darker.
Little bit more bitter, but, that's the pure chocolate.

Other then this, not much else to say, the drink gives exactly what the bottle tells you. Bailey's with a hint of mint and chocolate. Besides that, it's still the same, so a smooth creamy liqueur. That tends to do some strange things when mixed with peach schnapps.

Bailey's website, right here!

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