Jachtbitter, a herbal liqueur.
So now the big challenge, writing a description without mentioning jägermeister. But i already did it so i might aswel continue.

This coppery brown liquid is clear, and dark enough that it's hard to see through a glass. In tiny amounts the more brown-red colour becomes more visual.

The liquid itself, contains 30% alcohol(60 proof) and, tada, contains herbs. This results in the typical smell and taste most herbal drinks have, the more medicine-type taste profiles. But not in a bad way.
On the nose this smells a bit sweeter then the average "bitter". And the same goes for the taste.
While the drink contains not the least amount of alcohol, you will only get a little burning sensation on the edges of the tongue, and a warming feeling deep inside. Making it a great drink for when the weather gets cold.

To discribe the actual taste...the easiest is to compair it the herbal "bitter" everyone knows, jägermeister. Compaired to jäger this drink has no black liquorice in it.
There is some mint going on, chilling the sensation a bit. For the sweeter factor i'm hinting at raisins, far from as sweet, but someone it reminds me a little bit of them. Especially the aftertaste raisins leave in your mouth (the yellow ones rather then the black one).

With a pricetag around €14,- for a 100CL bottle, it's around the same price as most bitters. The drink mixes in really good in cocktails and doesn't add new funny flavours, but mellows out a bit. Overall, a good drink, and due it's unique flavourpatterns not just a jäger imitation as someone would think, but it can stand out really well on it's own.

Jachtbitter website here!

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