Captain Nes Gold Rum

Another gold rum in the lower end bracket, and yet another one without a website ( to my knowledge).
This 37.5% alcohol( 75 proof) containing golden rum in a really simplistic bottledesign, has a rather light yellow gold colour, a bit lighter then what's usually the case with *golden* rums.

The rum doesn't has much nose, so in the end it will give the impression of beeing quite potent. Only due the alcohol overwhelming the other odors.
The bigger the surprise was when i realized when tasting this rum, it hints more at the sweet part of the pallet in the beginning, almost like a spiced rum. But it doesn't have the caramel taste a spiced rum has, it does hint in that direction. Especially in the very beginnig of the sip.
Only when swallowing the spirit releases the typical alcohol *taste* and leaves the intire mouth a little numb, especially the tip of the tongue. And it ends with surprising little burn down the throat.

Especially for a lower end rum, we are talking about around €9,- for a 70CL bottle, this tends to be rather mellow, and due this it will blend in really good into your cocktails. Where spirits in this pricerange are usually ment for.

Overall, quite a good deal if you ask me. Really does a good job in the mixing section, what surprised me a bit since usually cheaper brands tend to be much sharper.

As usual, no website again, so unfortunally no link for additional information...yet. I'll see what i can do.

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