Danzka Vodka

Yet another aluminium bottle this time. And besides a fasion reason, it's also because this way this vodka will get chilled quicker. And we all know you should drink your vodka chilled. With the wide plastic cap on top it does remind me a little bit of a vacuum flask.

I don't think i really have to go into how this stuff looks, since, well, it's vodka. So that means i can start off right at the nose.
Which impressed me a bit. Since it's vodka you won't get all kinds of aroma's going on, but the alcohol scent on this one isn't very strong.
I could tell it has a very hint of fruitiness, but that would probably because it says so on their website and i am imagining it, so that would be almost non existant. You could call it a bit crisp instead.

Now, the taste is simular to the smell. You get a bit bitter alcohol taste right away, and it will numb the tongue rather quick. But the bitterness seems to be in the taste itself and only lasts seconds, and then the warm fuzzy feeling deep inside. No direct vodka burn in the throat itself though, it's more the slight bitterness of the taste.

But that is ofcourse when drinking pure, and i don't recall anyone drinking vodka for it's taste. It's either shots, or cocktails. And in cocktails this danzka vodka will blend right in.
A little more on the bitter side (like i mentioned allot by now) then i am used to, but less of the normal vodka taste. On stronger tasting cocktails, for example a white russian, the vodka taste will be even less prominent and almost gone.
All in all a really good deal for the pricerange we are talking about (around €14,-/15,- for a 75CL bottle). Especially when you aren't really focussing on tasting the vodka, you won't notice much of it, besides the effect of the alcohol later in the evening.
I can say it could compete with some brands priced a little higher perfectly well.

For more information visit their website: Danzka vodka (or just click on the picture above)

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