Glen Talloch Blended Scotch Whiskey

Time to get my hands onto a scotch whiskey this time, glen talloch blended scotch whiskey to be precise.
This is a relatively famous whiskey in the Netherlands. More info about that on this website.

This gold yellow coloured whiskey smells a bit less sweet then your average whiskey, with almost no smoke on the nose. Quite a nice smelling whiskey.
In the taste itself there is remarkably little smokyness aswel, and all your senses get bombarded with the pure whiskey taste. Nothing of the taste gets hidden in the smoke this way, and that isn't a bad thing in this case. While the very first hint is a sweet one, later on you get a more pure woody after taste. A bit on the bitter side but not in a bad way.
The after taste itself remains prominent for a minute or so, but is yet subtile in the same time.

When mixing with coke, the whiskey smell remains the prominent smell, but it does mellow out. Taste wise the coke really mellows the whiskey out, so even non whiskey drinkers might even enjoy it. Also the after taste gets allot less. A little alcohol burn down the throat will still remind you that you are drinking a strong spirit (40% or 80 proof).

All in all this is a very approachable whiskey, with hardly any of the offensive whiskey flavours going on that might put people off. More suprising is that this whiskey is more on the lower budget range with around €15,- for a 70CL bottle. Not a surprise that this whiskey is the best selling whiskey in the Netherlands.
It's a very old 100% scotch whiskey, with allot of single malts blended in.

Definatly worth a try if you are into, or maybe even if you aren't yet into whiskey.

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