Old Pascas Ron Negro Dark Rum

Time for another lower budged liquor, to be more specific, the Old Pascas Ron Negro Dark rum, a whole mouth full.

This honey gold colloured rum has a busy classic looking bottle, as seen in the picture, and retails for around €8,- for a 70CL bottle.
The rum is originated in Barbados and contains 37.5% alcohol ( 75 proof ).

This rum smells pritty average for a dark rum.
When drinking pure you sertainly notice the alcohol, not that you will really taste it, but more notice the alcohol vaporize. It also has a strong aftertaste that remains quite prominent.
While for example the Havana Club aƱejo has a more direct attack, this rum takes a little bit longer to kick in. Maybe thats why it says rich and mild on the bottle. Although i have to say i find it not especially mild or rich. But then again, who would expect that for this pricetag.
In a cocktail this rum blends right in like most rums, nothing special.

Conclusion, an average rum for its pricetag, and due that price, it won't be a big waste if it isn't what one would expect. Afterall, normally speaking, cheaper liquors tend to be best used in cocktails anyway.

Since i could not find any website from the distillers themself (if someone knows, a comment would be appriciated), so here is a link to the (German) importer: Borko

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