The Martini

The martini is a well known classic cocktail, and the story goes that it became popular around 1849 in San Francisco. Much later people starting using a variant with vodka instead of gin, because vodka is more neutral and that way you can easily make yet more variations on the drink.

Then there is the whole stirred vs shaken thing. The fact is, there is a difference in taste, the shaking will break up some of the ice more, and will add a bit more water to the drink. That way the vermouth becomes less prominent, altho the amount of vermouth is a point of discussion aswel. Churchill for example only would only *look at it from across the room* and basicly had a glass of gin.

The most accesable version of the martini ingredients are:

- coat the shaker with dry vermouth, get rid of the remaining vermouth.
- 5CL of gin (or replace with vodka for the vodka martini)

Stirr the drink untill it gets really cold, then strain the drink into a chilled cocktail glass (the martini is usually served as cold as possible). Add a olive as garnish..

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