Bols Blue Curacao

This is a very popular liquour, probably because....its blue!
It's a citrusbased liquour with 21% alcohol in it. And ofcourse, its obvious where this stuff comes from.

Well, i don't really have to go over the look of this stuff, its obvious. It smells sort of like mandarines, with almost zero alcohol odor to it.
When tasting this pure, it will taste a bit like cheap orange candy, with tons of sugar in it. Not really the mandarin you would expect, more a bitterswear orange. But thats not so weird considering it's made of a citrus from curacao, simular to the orange from there, who are known to be rather bitter.

While you can drink this stuff pure, i wouldn't recommend it. Its just too sweat, and im afraid its horrible hangover material aswel when overdoing it =P.
When mixing this in cocktails, where it's ofcourse made for, due the bright color, it will give it a sweat hint of citrus, but not as strong as triple sec for example. But besides the taste it's the most popular to just get strange colorcombinations from it. For example, when mixing it with a regular coke, you will get a dark green colored liquid.
For mixing drinks, it will be allot better when you want to give your drink a little tropical citrushint. But mostly because of the blue color and not because the taste is that spectacular.

Bols Blue Curacao website can be found: here

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