Captain Morgan Spiced Gold

Now here is a rum that was on my wanted list. This 35% alcohol containing spiced rum was rated high from some friends and some internet sources i've read.

Now to start off, it's a light yellow-gold colored liquid, not a surprise there. What did surprise me a bit was the smell. It's a much sweeter smell then the other rum's i've had before, and has a hints of caramel and vanilla in it. Which i did not expect in a spiced rum. But they did mix in very well.

In the taste test, i found this a very smooth, but sweet rum. No harsh flavour attack but balanced at the sweeter part of the rum section.
First things you will notice ofcourse is that its spiced up a bit. The alcohol burn isn't bad on this one, and after the initial taste is gone, you will once again taste stong hints of caramel and a little bit of vanilla in the aftertaste. Which seems to smoothen the drink quite a bit.

Pure, this rum is not bad at all. I like it, but drinking 35% stuff pure wont last you very long. So i found out when mixing it, the spiced portion of the drink goes away a bit faster then the caramel after taste, which remains rather prominent even while mixing.. And it tastes yet again smooth on the pallet while the spices crank it up a bit. But in a good way.
No bombardment of complexity going on, but the spicey intial taste and the sweet caramel aftertaste do balance quitte good.
So my friends are correct. Pages i've read on the internet are correct. This rum is simply put good, especially for the pricerange.. And it's around the normal price you would pay for a average rum aswel. (around 16 euro for a 70CL bottle if i remember correctly) Deffinately worth checking out if you like a sweeter rum, with spicey hints, and spicy drinks in general.

Captain morgan's website is right about: here

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