Konings Triple Sec

Yet another liquour i happend to have at home.
This time its a triple sec, which is a orange peel-ish liquour, used in tons of cocktails. Since its a cheaper bottle (just over 10 euro for a 70CL if i remember correctly), there isn't much to find about this specific bottle. Besides it containing 35% alcohol.

Now to go to the drink itself, its like usual a clear liquid. Which smells, a bit like a weird mix of orange and glue, but that is probably due the cheaper brand.
When drinking this, take in mind; do never, ever, drink this pure. Its horrible unless you really fancy a dry bitter tasting orange drink. Nothing fresh or juicy here, just plain bittersweet orange.
When mixing this stuff, take in mind it will tend to overpower your drink. And since its a rather bitter and not juicy taste, thats not particularly good. When adding it in small amount in cocktails with citrus things going on in them, it will be fine. But then again almost everything will be fine in small amounts. Personally i would prefer Cointreau over this any time, but it will be more expensive aswel ofcourse.

Overall, not bad for it's pricetag. But for drinking pure, you just do not want to drink this pure. When mixing it the way you should, in small amounts, it will be allot better. Just because it's a really bittersweat orange taste, and i would rather have a more juicy or even just normal orange juice in my drink then this. You can't really compair the taste of those two tho, so if you like the more unnatural strong orange thing going on, this could be your thing.

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