Now who doesn't know this caribbean rum with coconut taste, in the white bottle.
Since it has malibu in its name, its not too hard to think of where it's from. And its actually a liqueur and not a pure rum, with its 21% alcohol volume.

To start off, its a clear silver rum, with a very strong coconut odor ( duh =P).
When drinking this stuff, you don't really get much rum taste at all, its mostly coconut, so if you'r not a fan of that, skip this right away. Its very sweet and easy to drink pure aswel, but it might be a bit far to sweet for that purpose.

But stuff like this is ofcourse just perfect for mixing drinks. When you want your drink to have a tropical taste and smell, you can just add a dash of malibu to the drink. You don't even have to use much to get the coconut taste going, and it might even overpower the drink really quick.
Mixed pure with some fruitjuiced, this will be a very light and fruity cocktail, just be aware of the massive amount of sugars going on then ( no one wants a bad headache the next day).
When mixing a heavier drink, where you want to actually taste rum, its best to use a normal silver rum, and just add a little bit of malibu, since mixed all the *burn* from the alcohol seems to vanish and you have a really sweet drink left.

It's a popular liquour, and it is priced like one. Nothing really expensive since its only 21% alcohol, but it will be something around 17/18 euro for a 100CL bottle. Nothing wrong for having a bottle of this in the house for when you feel like adding some tropical hints of coconut to your cocktail, just dont really pay attention to the rum label on it.

Malibu website: here

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