Sierra tequila silver

This time it's time to get some tequila going, the silver sierra tequila to be precise. It's a cheaper tequila i bought a while ago, just to give this a shot.
It's has a 38% alcohol content, nothing strange going on there. It doesn't have a 100% agave label on the bottle, so its not, but when seeing the pricetag, you get what you pay for.

Now, since it's a silver tequila, its obviously has no color. The smell is a mix of agave ( at least i think thats what causing the typical tequila smell), alcohol and just a little bit of a smokey thing going on in there.
When drinking it pure, you will notice right away that it's not smooth at all. It delivers a mean punch, and has a rather strong burn. You also get a hint of a smokey taste, a bit stronger then in the smell of the drink. But overall, its a right in your face alcohol burn, that makes tasting the actual taste rather hard.

When mixing this stuff the burn goes away pritty quickly. The smokey taste remains, together with a little bit of agave taste whats left. You will actually taste that a bit better this way due the alcohol not burning away your tongue.

Overall i would say, you get what you pay for. It's a cheaper tequila, and you will notice it.
You can drink it pure in shots to get wasted, but you dont really have to do it for a smooth tequila taste, because it's simply not there. When mixing this into other drinks, like most alcohols, it's not too bad anymore. And quite enjoyable when using it in the right proportions, and not really focussing on the taste of the alcohol itself. But it has to be said, always, always go for the 100% agave tequila's.

Sierra tequila website can be found: here

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