Bailey's original

Yes, i've got my hands on some Bailey's original. It may sound strange but for some reason i've never had it before, maybe due my family and friends consisting of beerdrinkers rather then something else.

Now i'd guess everyone knows how this stuff looks like. It is a non clear mokka-ish color. On the taste department, it smells like a chocolate/coffee mix. Just a little hint of alcohol.
And about the taste, if you like chocolate milk and coffee, you're going to like this. It goes down really smooth, no harsh alcohol effects ( not so surprising, it's 17% alcohol). I could mention the fact that it's a little bit creamy, but with the *irish cream* on the bottle, that would be obvious.
In a mix you would notice a bit more of the coffee aftertaste, and it will be turning the drink into a more creamy smooth substance. Silly thing i get more of a chocolate aftertaste when drinking it pure, and more of a coffee aftertaste when mixing this.

Bailey's isn't a big brand for no reason. They are well know for this irish cream and it's not just because of marketing. It's just a good drink, also easily comsumed pure, altho i would think you don't want to drink a bottle at a time. Best off in turning your cocktails into a more creamy chocolate/coffee -ish mix, since it will be really good at smoothening the drink out, even when adding stronger alcoholic content. Also really good for shot type drinks, and it does layer quitte good for the pousse-café style shots.
All in all a drink you should have in your house when into this stuff. It does contain milk so it would be less suitable for the person who would store it for a few months, and take a drink once in a while. It will go bad that way eventually.
If you haven't had it before, but are into cocktails, or smooth liquours that aren't mind numbing sweet, go buy a bottle at once!

For more info check the website: here

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