Jägermeister..who doesn't know it. This herbal liqueur is made in Germany, contains 35% alcohol ( 70 proof) and comes in the recognizable green bottle.
Unlike some strange urban legends suggest, there is no deerblood in jägermeister. But it does contain 56 different herbs, that has to count for something.

First off, this stuff is dangerous. Not in a negative way, but it's hard to spot the alcohol in it, while it's a rather potent drink, when consumed pure. You really have to try to capture a hint of alcohol when sniffing the drink. It's hardly there.
What you do get, are, no kidding, herbs! To be a bit more precise, it smells a bit like your average coughing syrup. Including a hint (well a bit more then a hint) of liquorice and mint.

The liquid itself is a dark red-brown and clear, and tastes the same way it smells. It will give a little numbling feeling on the tongue from the alcohol, but there is hardly a burn going on. At most a warming sensation going down your throat.
Right after the initial taste you get a aftertaste of mint, which fades away into a subtile bitter.
And yes, as the slogan states, best served ice and ice cold.

Like most liqueurs this can be mixed into many cocktails, you can find a fair few on their website. The herbal taste remains quite strong when mixing it into your drinks, so if you don't like the herbal thing going on, use a little less.

Overall it's one of the drinks im always in for, the flavours aren't as jawdropping strong as in allot of other liqueurs, and a 100cl bottle of jägermeister will only cost around €16,-.
If you have never had jäger, shame on you and run to the liquorstore at once and buy some. Or try a shot at the local bar.

If you want to know more about jägermeister, visit their website here.

And as aways, feel free to comment on my mistakes, or other human errors i might have written down.

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  • EngeHenk Says:

    As it might not be totally clear what i ment with the medicinetaste, i did mean the good tasting classic coughing syrup ones, not the awefull tasting yellow/clear ones.
    Also, check out Dave Attell about jägermeister: