The Famous Grouse Finest Scotch Whiskey and The Black Grouse Blended Scotch Whiskey

Time for some whiskey, Famous Grouse whiskey to be precise.
I have 4 types here to review now, but i'll start off with these 2 and will make a new one for the remaining two.

To start off, it's a scotch whiskey, containing the usual 40% alcohol (80 proof).
The Finest beeing around €24,- a liter, and the blended around €28,-.

Both liquids are yellow gold ish in collor as you can see on the pictures, but the blended whiskey is a bit darker.
The Finest will ofcourse have your typical whiskey smell, but it's a bit on the sweet and mild side. Maybe some hints of honey.
While the Blended has a heavy oaky smell to it.

The Finest has a bit of a malty sweet taste to it, and the alcohol will imidiatly numb the tongue a bit. On the aftertaste you will notice a stronger wood taste then when you first sip it. The Blended whiskey will have a more smoother taste with less of an alcohol attack, and allot more wood and smokey flavours to it.

Both rather typical whiskey's to me personally, and besides the differences i just mentioned, not too different.
The Blended one does seem to be smoother and easier to drink, but you will have to deal with a far more heavy smoke flavour aswel then.
Since i'm not a huge whiskey fan, these haven't been able to convince me personally. But i will probably edit a few more details in when comparing them with the other two, both 12 year old, so i can give a more proper explanation between the quality of the four. And in general

If you can't wait and want more information about this Scotch whiskey brand, visit their site here!.

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