Grey Goose Vodka

To fit in with the post below, i thought i'd give this particular brand of vodka a closer look.
First off, Grey Goose is a french brand, the vodka is 40% (80 proof) and it has a fancy looking bottle (i like the frozen look to it).

On to the liquid itself. It's obviously a clear blank liquid, like all vodka's seem to be. It has a tiny bit of a alcohol smell going on, but it's surprisingly little. Other then that, no smell at all.
When drinking it, that changes very rapidly though. Not that you will get a insane alcohol taste, but you do feel the tongue numbing right away, and the famous vodka burn down the throat.

On to mixing it into drinks, since that is probably what everyone is doing with vodka anyway. When mixing it with regular coke, the alcohol smell vanished, no where to be seen. Unless you really dig into it nose deep.
No harsh alcohol taste going on either, it really seems to vanish into the drink, like a good vodka should do. No nasty burn, no harsh alcohol flavour ( admitted, you do keep a little bit of alcohol taste to the drink ofcourse, but compaired with my personal other vodka experiences, it's very tolerable). One of the finest vodka's i've had so far, but also one of the most expensive ones. (looking at €33,- ish for a 100cl bottle). Personally, i think its worth it.
If you're into vodka, this is your thing.

Find more info about Grey Goose, here!

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