Bombay sapphire dry gin

Today i gave the Bombay Sapphire dry gin a test. I haven't had much different brands of gin but, can't judge what you don't know right?

Starting off, its a clear substance, no big surprise there.
While sniffing it, i get a clear, but subtile pine smell. A rather fress pine smell, like if you just cut of a branche of a juniper bush. (while it's made by flavouring with juniper berries it would be strange if it would smell like something else)
Because of the last gin reminded me like i had a complete pineforrest for dinner, i'd start of by warning for this. Strange enough i don't smell the alcohol in this particular one, while with a whopping 47% alcohol content, it's not a light drink.
For the same reason, i did not get a pine bombartment while tasting this pure, all the alcohol just melted my tongue right away. Overall not as attacking as i thought it would be, and besides the alcohol burn not too bad.
Other then that, there are a few subtile hints from the other herbs. But too subtile to be really able to call them out. They do add something to the complexity off the drink. Also i would mention, the label does mention it is a dry gin. And well, it is. No moisture draining thing, but it does add a little dry-ness.
But if you do not like the taste of gin in general, this would still be a bit harsh on you i would reccon.

While mixing it into another drink, the pine taste becomes less bitter and overwhelming, but it does remain prominent in the drink. But it's not totally going to overpower the drink.
When using it in a normal dose it will just add a pine taste and smell, and tons of alcohol to the drink. While former experiences with gin where far less smooth it would class this particular one above them, but since i have no clue what brand those where, thats a bit of a irrelavant comment. So in terms of a gin in general, i'm glad i found this particular one. But before buying a bottle, i would really advise giving gin in general a test. It's probably a yes or no thing with hardly a middle road in between.
I would say this is a not a bad gin at all. Give it a try if you are into gin and are able to find it.

If you want more information about this london distilled dry gin, click here!

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