Bailey's Irish Cream Coffee

Right from the start i'll have to say, there isn't much to say here that i didn't already tell in the Bailey's and Bailey's Mint Chocolate posts.

Since it really is, Regular Bailey's, with a hint of Coffee. Not a fake cheap coffee, but a nice and smooth one with a darker hint to the coffee bit.
Ofcourse because of the Bailey's itself the drink is creamy, therefor mellowing out every sharp edges there might be. But the coffee taste itself does have a little bit of a sharpness to it, but that is probably the combination of a little bit of mint that is working together with the coffee to create that effect.

It still has the typical Bailey's *burn*, a slight warming feeling higher up the throat that seems to be a Bailey's trademark.

Nothing offensive, and the bottle gives exactly what it tells you. Bailey's with a hint of coffee.
So this still remains a well balanced liqueur, and one of few that is actually really nice on it's own. Awesomeness in a bottle, this time with a hint of coffee.

Find the Bailey's site rrrright here!

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