Old Captain Well Matured

Another product from Boomsma Distillery, a gold/dark rum. 37.5% (75 proof) alcohol, and blended from a few different Caribbean rums.
With a price around €9,- for a 70CL bottle, priced more towards the lower budget range.

That reveals itself in the smell a little bit. You do get quite some ethanol if you dive in deep. But also a darker rum smell that isn't overwelming strong, but smells a bit warm. With a very tiny hint of spice (caramel) once in a while. Since the label tells me well matured, no surprise there.

The taste pure is not for the weak hearted, from almost nothing initially on the tongue, to a dark heavy rum near the back of the tongue. With a little tickling on the sides of the tongue from the alcohol, that turns into a warm feeling further down the throat. The alcohol evaporating right away in the mouth causes a strong taste/smell sensation at first, but dims out quite a bit after you are used to it.
Then it takes place for a more bitter, i almost want to say woody taste. But not as in whiskey, not sweet, no smoke.

When mixed into other drinks all alcohol related smell and taste issues disappear right away, as usual. What remains is a dark/bitter rum taste, in a more mellow way. Exactly as the well matured on the bottle suggested.

So the bottle deliveres what it promises, a mature and older tasting rum that tends to be a bit rough when drinking pure. But in this pricerange almost every rum is, and when mixed it delivers just fine. No amazing complexities for sipping, but a darker aged rum experience for in your simple cocktails, for the person who doesn't want to *waste* a expensive smooth sipping rum for his cocktails, but does like a aged rum touch to his drink.

Their website can be found here!

1 Response to "Old Captain Well Matured"

  • Tenisd Says:

    Heii, thank You for this blogpost. I was interested to know more about this rum, because right now the local shop has a discount for it.
    My most favourite at this price range is the Captain Morgan spiced.
    So wanted to know how this will compare.
    I think I will give it a try(thanks to Your post) decided, that I need to have a taste just to find out how will I like it :)