Pisang Ambon Mellow

Pisang Ambon Mellow is a banana flavoured liqueur from Lucas Bols, contains 14.5% alcohol ( 29 proof ) and around €12,- for a 70CL bottle. The Mellow version has a bit less alcohol then the normal version, and is therefor allowed to be sold in more places.

There isn't allot to tell about the colour and bottle that you can't see in the picture, so i'll just leave it at that.

The bottle tells me it is a exotic fruit drink with a hint of banana taste. Well when smelling it, i do get banana. No subtile fruity banana tho, but candy like. In fact the aroma reminds me of the round chewing gum you can grab from a machine.
You don't really have to drown your nose in the drink to smell it, it's a strong scent that grabs you, even when just opening the bottle. But not offensive at all.

And the taste is almost the same. The taste is a bit *darker* and thicker then the smell suggests, but that complements each other well. And surprisingly the candy sweetness doesn't turn into a bitter sweet. Overall it's just overwhelmingly sweet banana, that hides the alcohol really well, in smell and taste.

For the ones who are into really sweet drinks, this would be perfect. Candy sweetness, that doesn't turn towards the bitter, but more towards the fruity. Just like the bottle suggested. A Mellow liqueur that hints towards fruity/banana sweetness.

Only warning: due high amounts of sugar, and artificial flavours/colouring, this might be perfect hangover material when overdoing it. And maybe not so good for candy disliking macho men. But then i would guess they wouldn't bother to buy this product in the first place.

Pisang Ambon website here!

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