Kingston White Rum

This white rum is named after the Jamaican capital Kingston, contains 37.5% alcohol (75 proof) and is around the middle/lower budget range of rums. Costing around €13/14,- for a 100CL bottle.

While some white rums are a little bit coloured, this one is as clear as it can get. As the picture shows the bottle is just a average looking bottle, nothing to write home about.

The scent is a sharp one, that hints towards ethanol, but isn't strong. Not much rum in the nose, but what you do get is really light.

When drinking this spirit, you will notice a little numbing on the sides of the tongue and quite allot of alcohol. Not that it burns, the alcohol taste is more from the nose department as it vaporises in your mouth.
A typical sharp but light rum that doesn't have allot of forced sweetness.

When mixed, what the real purpose of most light rums is anyway, the balance changes allot.
The alcohol scent disappears, and in place comes a light citrus like smell. That also manages to find it's way into the actual taste. No strong rum accents at all, but no heavy alcohol punch either. But it brings a sweet lime like taste in addition to the default rum properties, a pleasant surprise if you ask me.

Final conclusion; a mid/low budget priced light rum, that has some citrus/lime accents when mixed, and tends to be really mild inside a mixed drink. Pure this rum isn't really in it's element, but mixed it does it's job just right, and balances more towards the fruity sweetness, but just a little tiny bit.
But just enough to make it right.

Website to the Dutch importer right here!

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