Gold Strike

A cinnamon schnapps from Lucas Bols, with actual gold(flakes) in it. Altho allot of cinnamon schnapps seem to handle the gold theme.

Facts are; 23.5 karat gold flakes that float around(no, they do not cause harm and are digested just fine), costs around €15,- for a 50CL bottle, and contains 50% alcohol (100 proof).

Now to start off, yes, the goldflakes do look awesome, and since the *servingtip* is to drink the liqueur chilled as shots, you can enjoy them in all their glory.
Besides the gold, the liquid crystalclear.

Diving in nosefirst results in a little alcoholsmell, but just a tiny amount. With less drastic smelling tactics the drink has a very strong cinnamon smell to it.
And in fact, the same goes for the taste. At first, it will start to tingle on the tip of the tongue, give you a cinnamon explosion in your mouth, and end in a warm little burn in the upper throat.

This liqueur really manages to hide the rather high percentage of alcohol well. But that does mean, it contains quite allot of sugar, so this can result in hangover material when consumed allot. Besides a strong cinnamon taste, and alcohol burning sensation, there isn't much left taste wise.

So my verdict: A nice liqueur that has it's use in cocktails by adding allot of *hidden* alcohol and a strong cinnamon flavor, and a nice liqueur that is tolerable as chilled shot ,pure (not overly sweet or overpowering like some other liqueurs). With the added effect of the goldflakes that make the look complete. Great for the *ooh* factor, and not bad at all on it's own.

Gold Strike website behind this link!

2 Response to "Gold Strike"

  • Hans Says:

    Last week, I have bought the other variant: Silver Strike. It contains less alcohol than Gold Strike (30%) and have 99,9 % fine silver flakes. It smells also really to cinnamon but I don’t know the taste because I haven’t taste it. ;) Silver Strike has the same ritual: ‘shake, shoot, strike.'