Van Perlstein Oranje Bitter

This orange liqueur from Van Perlstein is about average priced, around €6,- for a 35CL bottle, and contains 30% alcohol (60 proof).

As shown the bottle has nothing special going on, just a normal regular bottle. The orange fluid inside has surprisingly little alcohol in it's smell, it's mostly smelling like a orange based soda (like fanta, etc).
It's a very light crisp smell, with no bitterness.

That bitterness does come out in the aftertaste thought. The front end remains a bit light, but the orangy/citrus is not as prominent as in the smell.
After that initial orangy taste, the bitterness starts to hit on the back of the tongue. Yet again not much alcohol taste, but you will get some hints of it when the alcohol starts to evaporate inside the mouth, and by that time the lips and edges of the tongue will start to tingle a bit from the alcohol.
There isn't a real burning or warming sensation in the throat though.

Mixed, it's actually the same old story just like most liqueurs in this price range. It works just fine.
Overall, you will notice this is not a higher end orange liqueur, the taste is in general rather flat, but not worse then it's competition. What it does have though, is that the taste hints more towards the crisp candy-ish/fake orange soda, rather then hinting towards bitter orange. But only at the start, after that the usual bitter orange takes over again.

Website: No info available, if someone knows more, feel free to comment.

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